Getting Started
This is Bike
Bike is an outliner. Rows in Bike are organized into hierarchies. These hierarchies make up your outline. Above you can see that the Maine row is part of New England, and New England is part of the United States.
This United States outline is good to demonstrate outline structure. Your own outlines will likely look a bit messier. Use outlines to track ideas, projects, writing, to-do lists. More generally outliners are a great tool for thought.

To create a row

  • Press the Return key to create a row

To change a row's indentation level

  • Press the Tab key to indent a row
  • Press Shift-Tab key to unindent a row

To show and hide detail in your outline

  • Click a row's triangle handle to collapse the row, hiding its contained rows
  • Click that same handle to expand the row, showing its contained rows

To focus into a specific part of your outline, hiding everything else

  • Command-Click a rows's handle
  • Command-Click on a focused rows's handle to unfocus it
That's it, just a few commands. Internalize these commands. Learn the keyboard shortcuts. Once you've done that Bike will be a great place for you to think.
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