Why Bike?

We were promised bicycles for the mind, but we got aircraft carriers instead – Jonathan Edwards

That's why I'm building Bike.

I think macOS needs more "bicycles for the mind". Bike is small enough to fully understand. Once understood it's flexible enough to be used for many purposes.

Bike is small, but designed for real work. It’s fast. It can handle big outlines that break other outliners. Bike’s also fast at the basics–opening files, scrolling views, and resizing windows. Bike won’t slow your Mac down.

Bike makes your work open and accessible. Outlines are stored in text files using standard file formats. Bike is also scriptable. Automate and extend Bike into your own workflows with scripts.

Bike is just getting started. I’ve been building on the outliner idea for a long time, Bike is the next chapter. I hope you’ll give it a try, get a license, and let me know what to improve for the next release.

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