Outline Editing

Outline Editing
In addition to Text Editing Bike supports outline editing mode. When in outline editing mode rows are always fully selected as shown above. You can tell you are in outline editing mode because the selection is green.

To enter and exit outline editing mode

  • Press the Escape key to enter outline editing
  • Press the Escape key again to exit outline editing mode
  • Or Click to make a selection with your mouse to exit outline editing mode
  • Or press Return to create a new item and exit outline editing mode.
  • ...lots of ways out, use the Escape to enter!

Outline Editing Commands

In Outline Editing mode the arrow keys have different behavior:
  • Left Key Collapse expanded rows
  • Right Key Expand collapsed rows
  • Up Key Move up by row
  • Down Key Move down by row
The row commands described in the Text Editing section work differently too. They work on a row and all contained rows, not just individual rows. Movements are also restricted to the outline structure.
  • Row > Duplicate (Command-Shift-D)
  • Row > Delete (Command-Shift-K)
  • Row > Indent (Control-Command-Right)
  • Row > Outdent (Control-Command-Left)
  • Row > Move Up (Control-Command-Up)
  • Row > Move Down (Control-Command-Down)
Give it a try. Create a small outline and then try the above commands. First in text editing mode, second in outline editing mode. You'll soon see and understand the differences. Outline Editing mode can save a lot of time.

More Outline Editing Commands

Some command work the same in both modes:
  • Row > Insert Row (Command-Return) Insert a new row
  • Row > Group (Option-Command-G) Inserts a new row above the selection. And then moves the selection into that new row.