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Outline Editing

Outline Editing
In addition to Text Editing Bike supports outline editing mode. When in outline editing mode rows are fully selected and shown in a different color.

To enter and exit outline editing mode

  • Press the Escape key to enter outline editing
  • Press the Escape key again to exit outline editing mode
  • Or Click to make a selection with your mouse to exit outline editing mode
  • Or press Return to create a new item and exit outline editing mode.
  • ...lots of ways out, use the Escape to enter!

Outline Editing Commands

In Outline Editing mode the arrow keys have different behavior:
  • Left Key Collapse expanded rows
  • Right Key Expand collapsed rows
  • Up Key Move up by row
  • Down Key Move down by row
  • Space Key
    Toggle rows done status
The row commands described in the Text Editing section work differently too. They work on a row and all contained rows, not just individual rows. Movements are also restricted to the outline structure.
  • Outline > Duplicate (Command-Shift-D)
  • Outline > Delete (Command-Shift-K)
  • Outline > Indent (Control-Command-Right)
  • Outline > Outdent (Control-Command-Left)
  • Outline > Move Up (Control-Command-Up)
  • Outline > Move Down (Control-Command-Down)
Give it a try. Create a small outline and then try the above commands. First in text editing mode, second in outline editing mode. You'll soon see and understand the differences. Outline Editing mode can save a lot of time.

More Outline Editing Commands

Some command work the same in both modes:
  • Outline > New Row (Command-Return) Insert a new row
  • Outline > Sort Rows
    Sort top level selected rows, or if only a single row is selected then sorts children of that row.
  • Outline > Group (Option-Command-G) Inserts a new row above the selection. And then moves the selection into that new row.
  • Outline > Move to Heading... (Command-\) Move selected rows to choosen heading row.
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