Using Find Panel

Use the find panel to find text in your outline.

To show the find panel

  • Use the menu Edit > Find > Find... (Command-F)

To advance to the next match

  • Click the Next button in the find panel

  • Or use Edit > Find > Find Next (Command-G)

The current match is highlighted brighter then other matches.

To go back to the previous match

  • Click the Previous button in the find panel

  • Or use Edit > Find > Find Previous (Shift-Command-G)

To replace the current match with the contents of the replace field

  • Click the replace button

  • Or press the Return key when the replace field has keyboard focus

To replace all matches

  • Click the replace all button. Remember this will only replace all matches in the current focused region of your outline.

To hide the find panel

  • Click the Done button in the find panel

  • Or press the Escape key

What is Searched?

Find will search the focused rows of your outline including collapsed rows. Find Next will expand collapsed rows to reveal and select the text that matches.

Find Panel Options

Find options show to the left of the search text field:

Aa - Your search will be case sensitive.

"" - Your search will match whole words.

.* - Your search will be interperted as a regular expression.

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