Keyboard Shortcuts

This page lists important Bike specific keyboard shortcuts. Other shortcuts that are not listed here can be found when browsing Bike's application menus. Bike also support many standard macOS shortcuts.


  • Check Next: Command-;


  • Bold: Command-B

  • Italic: Command-I

  • Code: Shift-Command-`

  • Highlight: Shift-Command-H

  • Strikethrough: Shift-Command--

  • Add Link: Command-K

  • Add Row Link: Command-Option-K

  • Edit Formatting: Command-E

  • Clear Formatting: Option-Command-Delete


  • New Row: Return

  • Indent Row: Tab or Control-Command-Right

  • Outdent Row: Shift-Tab or Control-Command-Left

  • Move Row Up: Control-Command-Up

  • Move Row Down: Control-Command-Down

  • Delete Rows: Escape to outline mode, then Delete or Command-Shift-K

Expand / Collapse

  • Expand Row: Command-0 or Escape to outline mode, then Right

  • Collapse Row: Command-9 or Escape to outline mode, then Left

  • Expand Row Completely: Control-Command-0

  • Collapse Row Completely: Control-Command-9


  • Focus In: Option-Command-Right

  • Focus Out: Option-Command-Left

  • Focus Heading…: Command-P


  • Toggle Focus mode: Option-Command-F

  • Toggle Typewriter Mode: Option-Command-T


  • Toggle text/outline mode: Escape

  • Close Find Panel: Escape

  • Close Check Panel Escape

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